April 23, 2012

First Aid Week: At Camp

Being prepared for unexpected events is something we all keep in the back of our minds. As I gear up for another summer in the woods of New England I thought I’d take this week to share what First Aid materials I carry along. Sprains, broken bones, burns, dehydration, and various degrees of pain are possibilities no matter the trip. Being prepared and educated can be a crucial factor when without cellular service, a regular occurrence where I'm from.

The kit I keep both at camp and around the house is the Best Made Co. First Aid Kit. OSHA certified and approved by the US Forest Service for loggers and outdoorsmen, this unit contains everything from a wire splint to trauma scissors. All enclosed in a dust-proof and moisture resistant metal case equipped with a hanging bracket and handle. I have to admit the visual appeal pulled me in. It looks great when hung on the wall at camp next to your sharpened axe. Made in Kansas City, Missouri. 

A Closer Look at this Kit:

Other Options:

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