April 7, 2012

Cabins II

Weekends are for inspiration. Here are a few woodsy scenes I've discovered on my travels around the internet. Many of the below come from FreeCabinPorn.com - one of my favorite sites. I can't wait until I have a log cabin of my own to call home...

Ideal breakfast in the foothills.

Lazy weekend on the porch.

Back country essentials.

Peacefulness resounds as the snow falls down.

Open air.

Country chores and tasks.

Starry night. This is my version of Van Gogh.

A Backwoods Plaid writing nook.

Working by the lantern's light.
Seclusion in the hills.


tim said...

Nothing is finer than a nice cabin in the woods or by the beach.

FYI, Starry Night was painted by Van Gogh, not Picasso.

Rhon Bell said...


I should probably stop posting after a couple cold beers. I get my artists mixed up. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I think the third picture down is actually from the comedian Gallagher's cabin.

Rhon Bell said...

Preston - my thoughts exactly!

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