March 25, 2012

Woolrich Declination Hoodie

The good folks at Woolrich were kind enough to send out their new Declination Hoodie. In return, I was kind enough to put it through a hellish weekend of camping in the rugged mountains of New Hampshire. Verdict: You'll be seeing me wear the Declination Hoodie a lot this year.

The weather outlook showed rain clouds and a high chance of precipitation for Saturday evening. There was an obvious need to stay dry and warm as temperatures would fall slightly below freezing overnight. I decided this would be the perfect test. Ripping the new garment from its sealed plastic wrap, I stuffed it into my duffle bag. 

Impressions: The hoodie looks great. It's surprisingly soft and well built with heritage leather details. This isn't the collegiate hoodie you bought in the bookstore as a freshman. The hood's interior is accented in plaid and the left shoulder contains an extra pocket for essentials - this weekend that would be matches. The kangaroo front pocket is accessible from the left or right, but also opens from the top. It's three pockets in one - very convenient. 

It rained, as expected, Saturday night. As luck would have it, the rain continued until the moment I packed my tent into the car Sunday morning. I stayed completely dry while the water formed into beads and ran off, which is odd as the description doesn't even mention being water-resistant. I suppose this is another case of under-promising and over-delivering.  I even looked presentable enough, after a long weekend of hiking and starting fires, to stop in town for breakfast on our way home. While waiting in line, a late-season skier even asked where I bought it - another new Woolrich fan.

Buy yours here: Declination Hoodie. Order this in the same size you would a button-up shirt, as it's cut to be slightly roomy. Think of this as a great looking "light jacket alternative" by a great American company. As seems to be the case with Woolrich - you'll get your money's worth.


Dan said...

Saw this link on the Woolrich Facebook page. Great pics and stories here. The jacket looks perfect. Thanks.

Rhon Bell said...

Evening Dan,

I'm definitely impressed with it so far. Well worth the investment. And thanks for the compliment on the website. Hope you tell someone about it. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I like the looks of your hoodie, its sharp & sporty. nice, nice.

Rhon Bell said...

Thanks - Very much so. Pick yourself up one.

Anonymous said...

What size are you wearing in these photos?

Rhon Bell said...

This is a large


suan zhang said...

Eine modische Strategie zu verwenden ist, um mit Frauen woolrich parka, die mit karierten Stoff, wie der bekannten Burberry-Stil plaid gemacht werden k├Ânnen suchen.