March 22, 2012

Sinking & Melting

Below is a culmination of shots taken over the past few weeks. Temperatures have warmed and snow is an after-thought. Short-sleeves are rather comfortable in the evenings and the ice fishing gear is packed in the back of the closet. My first winter in Southern Maine has been a good one. 

Now folks, it's time to dig out the tent and sleeping bags, hit a country road and find spots to set up camp. It's officially spring and I'm looking forward to spending quality time outdoors. I'll be sure to share my prime adventures.

One of the neatest trees I've seen on my commute, branching out in every direction.

Camp // The sun shines strongly on a leaf. It slowly melts into the ice.

Home of a true American.

Weekend activities include trips to the rifle range and late season fishing trips.

Snow covered car lot taken days before the last of our snow melted.

Fishing warmth.

Last trip to a friend's ice shack for the year.

Reading helps pass any Sunday afternoon // A pink "sinker" used to test water depth on my plaid shirt.

A true "country-man's" dream shack.

Unfortunately, ice begins melting quickly near a spring hole. This gentleman is sinking.

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Peter Patenaude said...

That was a fun afternoon on the ice- a lot of nice locals.

Rhon Bell said...


It was a good time. Let's try to meet up again soon for a summer trip.