March 8, 2012

Rusty Ford

Oceanfront Dining. Closed for the season, but as the lush green is promised to return to the grass - so are the customers to the diner. Light blue skies meet definitively on the horizon line with the shimmering ocean ripples.

A red shed stands central on this wharf to house fisherman's gear. I watch as the captain heads in and out, unloading Head Tide.

Good thing they left the window open.

One step up to the yellow door that marks this "docside" cottage.

Trusty rusty's owner will surely have a full sea-food dinner this evening.

Alliteration. Funny play on words or an actual bird-purchasing shop?

Homes on the hill stand above town, watching as each vessel pulls into and out of the safety of harbor.

Recent snowfall builds atop the rope.

Nothing warms the soul like a steaming bowl of chowder from the Chowder House.

Quaint local post office or antique buoy shop?

Head upstairs or down - either will put a smile on your face.

High tide rolls in. The fishing boats dock up, unload, and head to Tug's Pub.


Kate said...

I'm not certain of how I got here but nice blog & great pics!

Rhon Bell said...

Moey, thanks. Means of arrival aren't important. Hopefully you come back and share the site with friends. Take care.