March 18, 2012

Part 2 of 2: Boat Trip

Waking early Sunday, I step lazily out of bed to begin breakfast. Slowly sauntering about a strange kitchen in a pale morning light I find coffee and an antique percolator. A great cup of coffee is a precursor to every great day. Today will be no different.

I pull the curtain, above the sink, to one side. It’s apparent the island has yet to wake up. The cottage sits opposite a quiet road to the ocean. Everything is as still as a painting with exception of three robins on a birch branch in the front yard. I sip my coffee,entranced by the panoramic view.

Before long the aroma of frying bacon lingers from the cast iron pan to the loft bedrooms and others join in for breakfast. Chatter centers around renting bicycles for an afternoon island tour. With full stomachs, we toss our boots on, let the screen door slam behind us, and set out for our next adventure.

Moored fishing vessel.

Forts on a neighboring island.

An iconic Land Rover 110.

Cottage attire.


Point. Throw ball. Retrieve. Repeat.

Vehicle inspections aren't required and that's evident.

Ball thrower.

All paths lead home.

Another seasonably warm evening of colorful sunsets in what both tourists and residents would call heaven.

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