March 29, 2012

HDR Photography

I've recently been experimenting with my Canon T3 in an attempt to grow as a photographer. Most nature photographers I respect utilize High Dynamic Range photography in their portfolios. Typically at least three photos are taken, using a tripod, at different exposures. One is overexposed (bright), one underexposed (dark) and one taken at normal exposure. Merging the photo series into one image will combine the best attributes of each. What would otherwise result in overexposed skies or an  underexposed ground form into a fascinating and vibrant image.

Note: I'm admittedly not an expert on these techniques, but am learning and enjoy trying something new. Tips? Feel free to e-mail me. I've been tending to gravitate towards photos involving water due to the extra colors produced, but am looking to travel inland now that the sun is beginning to come out. 

Bright blues on calm waters result in a mirrored image.

The oldest lighthouse in Maine reaching towards a clouded ceiling.

Awaiting summer and dipping her hull into blue waters.

Lobster pots at low tide on a Portland, ME fishing pier.

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Rabid Outdoorsman said...

Great pics! Really like the blues in that first one. Every time I see photography like this all I can think of is how I need to buy a new camera!

Rhon Bell said...

Thanks, Steve. Was one of the better investments I've made this year. Truly been fun to learn. Think about it!

Mike Oscar Hotel said...

I'm from Ashland. Lived all over the state in my 20's. Now in Colorado. You're making me homesick with all of this wonderful photography. Love your site. Found you on Cold Splinters.

Rhon Bell said...

Hey Mike,

Ashland, ME? That's real close to where I grew up. I'd love to make it out to Colorado. Planning a road trip this summer to see the West for the 1st time.

Cold Splinters is one of my favorite outdoor blogs. Glad to see you found me. Check in often.