March 12, 2012

Early Morning on a Frozen Lake

The early morning sun cranked up from behind the treeline. Darkness from a cold blue sky slowly gave way to amber light above the pines and the chill began to flee our finger tips. Solitude helps clear the mind and a desolate lake does just the trick. A highway can't be spotted on an atlas within a 40 mile radius. Every road leading to this lake (only one) is dirt. 

Mornings like this call for a time of reflection. I like sitting back in my chair to imagine the first man who came across this lake. His thoughts surely weren't centered on his distance from highways - they wouldn't have existed. More than likely he was fishing here, for his next meal depended on it. The world was much more simple. Times were different and I believe that times were better. Time wasn't wasted in front of a glowing television screen, a mans word meant something, and the woods were still wild.

Blues and Oranges.

The only individual we saw all day toted his ice shack via snowmobile to a far end of the lake. We watched him until the ice shack slowly became a distant speck of green on the horizon and then disappeared into a sea of forest.

A waiting game.

This small ice shack across the lake stands tall against the wind.

A cooling rack that I snagged from the kitchen holds a 5 hr fire log just above the snow. The snow would extinguish the flame and moisture would wick into the log. This provides the right amount of heat to get us by.

A quick, portable, and easy to setup shelter.

Sporting my Union Suit and a favorite wool Matinicus Crewneck Sweater.

Dusk finally arrives. A recent rainfall has caused a crusted lake top and displays each footprint of the day. An afternoon spent reading, chatting fireside, and fishing is acceptable in my book. Until next time!


Peter Patenaude said...

Hi Rhon,
The ice has been getting pretty thin lately, what pond were you on?
Best, Peter

Rhon Bell said...
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Rhon Bell said...

This was from a recent trip to Middle Range. The ice is getting thin, but there are still folks out there. Saw an ice shack half through the ice on Little O. last weekend.

Rabid Outdoorsman said...

I was planning to hit the pike one last time on North Pond this weekend . . . thin ice makes me hesitate.

Rhon Bell said...

Steve, I feel like I'm gonna put my gear in the back of the closet for the season. Not willing to risk it. Be safe and have fun. When my centerfold comes in -you get a signed first copy!