March 6, 2012

Bradbury Mtn

Mixed berry pancakes topped with homemade strawberry jam is an ideal way to start any morning. Quick work is always made of dishes when a mountaintop destination is in mind. An hour later, we're chugging luke-warm coffee from a dented Stanley thermos as we pull into the State Park. Picking a parking spot in an empty lot ends up being the hardest decision of the day.

Energized from whole wheat carbs and a boat load of caffeine, we hop onto the summit trail and are soon overlooking the great town of Freeport, ME. We sit, dangling our feet over a rock overhang, just thinking and talking. A small snow shower begins, inspiring us to build a miniature snowman, complete with stick arms.

I find an armload of abandoned logs upon the return hike past the camping area. Luckily, I carry my axe in the back of the Jeep for occasions such as today. Spark takes to some white birch tinder and moments later our hands are warming fireside. I'm constantly dreaming about what's next. Today it's a French import beer chilling in the door of the fridge at home. Cheers!


Yak said...

Dude, if you coffee is luke-warm and its from a Stanley thermos, call them and get a new one. it means The vacuum is broken.

Rhon Bell said...

Chris, didn't realize they'd do that. The coffee however was poured into the thermos luke-warm. Good to know though. Hope business is well @ D.Y.