February 29, 2012

Spring Self-Gifting Guide

  1. Woolrich Homespun Flannel Shirt - You're going to want long sleeves. Those nights get chilly. This soft homespun material will hold your body heat.
  2. L.L. Bean Signature Field Cargo Shorts - Cargo shorts aren't for teens. This classy, rugged revision holds your lighter or flint in the left pocket and flashlight in the right.
  3. Danner Mountainlight Boots - Introduced in 1979, these backpacking boots rank with the best. Not to mention comfort levels.
  4. Hunting Fishing Camping Book - Not familiar with gear necessities, critical knots, or which foods and what quantities to bring to camp? This classic book is revisited for a 100th Anniversary edition.
  5. MSR Whisperlite Stove - The ultimate in portability and functionality. This lightweight backpacker stove will fit cleanly in your Osperey pack.
  6. L.L. Bean 100th Anniversary Trout Knife - You're going to want the sharpest and finest of knives to filet the prize trout you land while at camp. Honestly, why not have the best?
  7. Filson Rutland Duffle - Car camping with family? Heading to camp with the guys? This new duffle easily fits all your necessities. Prepare for inquiries on where you bought it! Made in USA.
  8. MSR Hubba Hubba 2 Man Tent - I've owned this tent for three years. There's a reason it's still produced; it's damn good. Most tent styles die out quickly. Darwinism. 4lbs.
  9. Surefire E2DL 200 Lumen Flashlight - Bright. Thwarts attackers or bears. That doesn't work? The head contains a sharp bezel. One strike will persuade anyone or anything to back up. Made in USA. 
  10. Big Agnes Grouse Mountain 15* Down Bag - On spring evenings you'll want this zipped up. Unzip as you summer transitions. Warm evening? Lie atop the zipped bag for a "down mattress" and fall asleep staring at the stars through the mesh tent roof. 


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