February 6, 2012

Review: Terralux Flashlight

I receive an unbelievable amount of email from PR departments asking me to review their companies latest products. I've rejected offers from a DVD titled When Bears Attack to cookbooks focusing on "lighter fare". I will, however, share worthwhile outdoor products when they cross my desk. If they don't pass my tests, you'll never see them.

I recently received an 80 lumen Lightstar flashlight from Terralux. Now, I'll readily admit to three collections - outdoor gear, knives, and flashlights. I know a fair bit about the flashlight market. The Lightstar, with a narrow diameter and short length, can forgettably fit into your pocket. I've found when you can easily carry gear without bulk, you are more likely to carry the item and have it on your person when you need it. The  LED's rubberized end allows me to grip it with my teeth as I tear down my ice shack in those late night hours. After all, I'll need both hands to carry those giant trout back to the car!

Take a glance through the full line of products on their wesbite. Here are my test shots, from about 20 feet away, in my "outdoor gear room".


preston said...

The pictures don't do it justice! This thing is bright as hell

Rhon Bell said...

Hey Preston,

You are right. Especially for its size. Those 80 lumens may be under rated.

Jiuy Ji said...

Nice flash light

Leonard N. Klaif said...

Narrow diamete is my best choice. I like this flash because it has all suitable characters. Thanks for your nice review.