February 13, 2012

Knot Guilty

A fairly mild winter has produced seasonably warm temperatures across much of New England. Low pressure areas combined with Northeast winds, named  Nor'Easter's, typically dump tremendous amounts of snow across Maine. This year has yielded only a handful of "dustings", or light snowfalls.  

At least temperate afternoons require fewer layers for adventuring. A couple sandwiches and a can of cashews in hand, we shoot over to the heart of Maine's coastal fishing community, Boothbay Harbor. With ties to the Revolutionary War (once a rendezvous point for American Naval vessels) it has some serious history behind it. Home to one of the most photographed lighthouses, Boothbay has many scenic landscapes and rustic attractions that draw worldwide travelers.

The fence about the perimeter of Pemaquid Lighthouse casts a shadow as the sun sets along the shoreline.

Brightly colored reminders of summer.

Just in case.

Scraped paint is a sure sign of harder days.

Viewpoint from the shoreline. I'm sure this intense pulsating light has warned many.

A mess of color and snow.

They say every boat has a story behind her name. I'd surely pull up a bar stool alongside the owner and listen to the reasoning behind this one. I'm blindly assuming it would call for a second round.

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Steven (Ohio) said...

I was wondering where you were headed with the topic "Knot Guilty". Held me 'till the end. My wife and I are planning a trip to Maine this summer and appreciate your recommendations.

Rhon Bell said...


There a lot of places in New England to visit. You could spend a month traveling around. Enjoy.