January 31, 2012

Weekend Cabin

Eight of us set out for Lake Arrowhead in Limerick, ME. We all came from separate directions, most from out of state. We meet once each winter for an ice fishing excursion. This year we picked Southern Maine. First to arrive, I opened the door to the 40 degree camp, unloaded my gear, and quickly sparked a fire in the old cast iron fireplace. Within an hour, the temperature pushed 62 degrees and I was able to sit comfortably without my wool sweater.

I opened the doors to maximize heat output. Kicking my feet up onto the arm of the couch, I brought out a book and evenly devoted time between tending to the fire and reading.

Temperatures hovered around 30 degrees, allowing us to stow our beer on the front porch - easily within reach of the patio glass door. This frees up valuable fridge space for chili, lasagna, steaks, salads, bacon, eggs, and juice. In agreement that alcohol tastes better when cooled by Mother Nature, we raise a glass.

Simple and decorative features of the cabin made us feel as though we could live here full-time.

Wine varieties.

Deer camp and pine cones.

Four chairs fit within my ice shack on the lake. We spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday within the zippered entryway spotting the occasional flag triggered by pickerel. Typically pickerel should be 20+ inches to maximize the fillet size and making it worth the work of removing bones. 

L.L. Bean Signature kept me warm on this blistering afternoon of fishing.

I usually follow up a morning sight such as this by frying up bacon and scrambling eggs within the grease.

Life is enjoyed 100% more when at camp. 

Temperatures falling well below freezing forms a thin layer of ice around one of my five traps.

LLB Signature boots warm beside an early morning fire in preparation for a hike to the firewood pile.

A weekend with old and new friends, in a wooded cabin, is a memorable experience. I can't wait for our next outing. 


randall said...

There is absolutely no question that, when the temperature allows it, Ma Nature chilled beer tastes the best.

Rhon Bell said...

Hi Randall,

I would hope that there is no debating that fact. I believe that instances in which beer is stored outside is when you are away from home. When you are away from home you usually are in the company of friends and when you are in the company of friends - you are technically home.

randall said...

That, my friend, is unassailable logic.