January 19, 2012

Moon in the Morning

I keep my boots pre-tied with a simple over hand knot on the fourth eyelet down for mornings like this. I woke up a little bit late, slid on my boots and jumped in the car. I'm not sure how I missed my first alarm, but the sun was already beginning to peek above the horizon.

Curiously watching me head out the door.

As a youngster, I never payed visit to the coast. Vacations came in the form of road trips to Tennessee or were spent in a camper in the backwoods. I'm grateful for both.

Kicking my boots off, I find a comfortable block of granite to rest against and enjoy a coastal sunrise. Another benefit of pre-tying.

The clouds begin to form streaks above the sun and I head for higher ground to watch their formation. They'll never leave those exact markings again, guaranteed.


Until you stop to realize the moon has it's own schedule - you assume it disappears during daylight hours. She still hangs, watchful, over the quiet city.

I believe this would count as an upstairs deck. It needs a charcoal grill and lawn chair.

The waters are frigidly cold. I'm essentially wearing my winter jacket. This surfer sends chills down my spine each time he lands in the water. You don't see a lot of surfers where I'm from. It's awesome to admire a talent that I'll probably never have.


Kate. said...

mmm, beautiful. this is bug light, right?

Rhon Bell said...

This is actually Springlight. It's right down the road. Thanks for the compliment and for stopping in. Tell a friend.

mike said...

Good stuff Rhon. You inspired me to get my first pair of Bean boots. Got the shearling-lined 10" at an outlet recently and at a price I couldn't refuse. I also keep them loose for quick jaunts outdoors.

Rhon Bell said...

Hey Mike,

Definitely glad to hear about the boots. Solid purchase. Now you gotta add some plaid to your closet from Filson and LLB.


Anonymous said...

Rhon, was the bucket of potatoes a gift from the county? Whenever my step mother visits her family she comes back with vegetables. Keep up the good work man, Preston

Rhon Bell said...

The potatoes weren't a "gift", but they were definitely brought back from The County. You can't beat locally grown taters. Thanks for checking in Preston.


milesisland said...

Hey Rhon, love your blog, especially the island living bits. Gives me a dose of home, since I'm living in Africa right now. Just wondering, where specifically was the surfing shot taken?

Rhon Bell said...

Hello there,

That shot was taken on Cape Elizabeth, ME. I'm glad that you like what you see here. Tell a friend. Thanks!