January 1, 2012

Cold as Shit

It should go without saying that when you come to Maine you need to prepare for the cold. The weather should come as no surprise. Winters are cold. Bring boots. It's my experience that for every 100 miles you travel North of Boston the temperature drops by roughly 10 degrees. Typically, it doesn't matter the time of year. When it's 40 degrees in Boston, it will be 32 in Portland, 22 in Bangor, and Cold as Shit in Aroostook County.

The wind is howling. The dash of our snow-caked automotive traveling machine reads -2. I'm fairly sure that's where she cuts off as the house thermometer shows -10. 

"Freeze-up" on the rivers and lakes is beginning. Everything tends to turn white before these large snow storms, including the sky. The resulting snowfall sticks to everything. Good luck finding this kind of beauty in the city.

The coldness today is the kind you can feel indoors by simply approaching the window pane. The chill radiates 5 feet back from the glass. Touching the frosted, transparent structure sends shivers down your body. I'll need boots and a rag wool hat today.

The river has nearly closed up. The river's edges froze weeks ago, leaving a horse race of congested and fragmented ice streaming down the middle; each piece of ice is vying for first place. Large frozen pieces of river jam forward, forcing them to tumble over one another.

To sit and listen to millions of frozen particles being tossed about sounds like a train coming around the bend - each square inch of wheel meeting resistance on the steel track for which it maneuvers.

Pine needles are weighed down by this thick, clingy snow.

This RV owner did not make it to Florida in time for snowfall this year. Regrets.

Pure country beauty can always easily replace a city landscape. My honest opinion is that the quietness and raw essence of country living far exceeds any other. How could you arguably turn down this picturesque view from your picture window? You can't. Stock the fridge with cold brews, sit back in the rocking chair and enjoy the show.

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