January 4, 2012

Bailey Island, ME.

Bailey Island is a quintessential Maine coastal community. The close-knit population of 400 has absolutely spectacular scenery to soak up. The history of the island is both interesting and notable. William Black, a freed slave from Kittery, ME. laid establishments on the island in 1727. Fifteen years passed before Mr. Black sold the island to Reverend Bailey for a gallon of rum and a pound of tobacco. I call this a poor trade. If you don't believe me, glance through my photos below from January 01, 2012. The only way to bring in the New Year is with an even better sunset. 

One of my all-time favorite sunsets. The contrails of an airliner cast a shadow directly above, creating parallel lines across the evening sky. As a bright blue sky gives way to darkening clouds and a golden setting sun, the harbor lights up in accompaniment. 

Cook's Lobster House - a landmark restaurant houses a back dock. This lobster is fresh. See the lobsterman loading gear from the back of a truck. He subsequently headed out for the day's catch.

Historic buildings dot the island.

Lobster boats, docks and calm waters.

Wholesale Lobstahs.

Peeling paint and maroon shutters. I'd move in.

View at low tide.

Adrift in the harbor.

Great end to a beautiful night. Happy New Years folks!

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sweet harvest moon said...

Beautiful pictures!

Happy New Year!

Caroline, Back Down South said...

So beautiful!

Rhon Bell said...

Thank you both! I love getting out there and bringing the best of New England. Happy New Year to you ladies, also.

Brian said...

I'll take that cabin please.

Rhon Bell said...

Brian - any day of the week, right! Absolutely.

Anonymous said...

Bailey Island is an awesome place to spend the day. Walking trails and Maine arts and crafts. The Inns are unique with beautiful views and the food. Ahhh the food.

Rhon Bell said...

Not to mention Cooks, right? Did someone say comp'd meal?