January 12, 2012

Another Day on the Ice

To be outdoors is always an inspiring experience that brings you one step closer to where you came from. Today, I set out once more for the frozen wilderness to find my dinner. Buttoning up the wool, I gathered my gear, packed the car and pressed the pedal (probably harder than the law would like). A great day of fishing is worthy of a post.

Come up to Maine and set some traps with me. I'll show you the ice if you show me the whiskey. 

Cold temperatures call for Muck Boots. The most comfortable cold-weather boot I've owned.

Getting my ducks in a row while a few clouds linger above the tree line.

Life at camp. Kickin' back and enjoying the view from behind Heavy Duty 600D Polyester walls.

The writing isn't on the wall, but it's on the ice. Tell your friends.

We argue to whether this is a "space capsule" or a "propane tank". Either way, someone is inside fishing.

Each hour I check tension on the reels, life of the bait, and to ensure a fish isn't on the other end.

Thanks to a local Mainer, with a great vintage clothing shop, I recently scored today's vintage Pendleton. 

From the inside looking out. Footprints detail the times I frequented an empty trap.

A bitterly cold evening sets in. I'd love to have a small wood stove right now.

As the sun sets, my flag shoots a shadow across the ice.

You always dream about fishing the opposite season you're in.

The catch wasn't a prize, but makes for great pan fried lemon-crusted trout, twice baked potato and corn.

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