December 2, 2011

Wintertime in Freeport, ME.

December is my favorite month for a multitude of reasons.  The chilly afternoons are met in comfort with layers of wools and Scotch plaids. The warm glow of our Christmas tree casts a lightshow of multi-colored shadows dancing about the living room. Free time is spent circling my atlas, at the dining room table, with potentially successful January ice-fishing spots. Occasional glances up at the frost-covered windowpanes reveal the glimmer of freshly fallen powder. My spirits are lifted as I look forward to a weeklong vacation and time spent with family.
There are few guarantees in life, folks. But I guarantee that a visit to Freeport, ME. will not only put a smile on your face (perhaps not so much after the credit card statement arrives), but the trip will put you in the Christmas spirit. Where else will you find a chiseled, bigger-than-life ice sculpture of a raccoon steering a snowmobile or snow-covered tents on the roof? Below you will see a few photos from December 2010. Come to Maine.


Monica said...

Great photos!

Hope you get to go snowshoeing, x-c skiing, ice skating (new skating rink this winter!) or just hiking in the parks.

I missed that raccoon last year, I'm waiting for some new ice carvings this winter.

Rhon Bell said...

Monica, you are talking my talk. I'm ready for cooler temps in order to ice fish, snowshoe, and perhaps I'll try my hand at skating now that you remind me. Thanks for commenting.