December 13, 2011

Morning Light

I like setting my alarm to an absurdly early time on occasional weekdays. Letting my car warm up, I brew a pot of strong coffee for the road. After scraping frost from the windows, I drive in pure darkness toward my destination. Hopes for taking in a perfect sunrise, along with full-blast heat, fill the air. Every morning sunrise has unique characteristics. Whether cloud formation, sky color, surrounding scenery, or elements of weather – each morning presents special opportunities to build memories.
Today would be particularly enjoyable. As I setup the tripod, early morning darkness gave way to daylight and a beautiful pink began to fill the sky. The rotating beam of a nearby lighthouse hit my camera every 8 seconds. The waves calmly washed onto shore. The granite breakwater leading to the light slowly took on the golden hues of the sunrise. I was alone to enjoy what Mother Nature was here to offer.


Anonymous said...

Those first two shots are awesome, Rhon. Well worth the early rise.

Rhon Bell said...

Thanks a lot. Coming from you that's a real compliment. Glad you enjoyed.