December 6, 2011

Farm Barns

My grandfather, born in 1920, turned 91 years of age this summer. Farming his entire life to support a wife and six children, he is a true testament of what it means to be a family man. Always in the barn before sunrise, ensuring he was washed up each evening for dinner, and in the church pew on Sunday. I claim this to be the reason I appreciate hard work and entrepreneurship. To build a business and create something truly great with your bare hands, love, and dedication is the American dream.

Northern Maine holds many similar stories and relics, standing tall, as testament to by-gone times. Tall barns and old farmhouses, constructed by early settlers, dot the landscape. Each sight has a story more interesting than the previous. If walls could talk I’d love to sit and listen. See if you can tell what the below have to say. If you have any insight – leave a comment.

Doors open, John Deere backed evenly down the center.

Perhaps someone just walked inside, but I doubt it.

I think I would have a hard time determining which side of this long and winding country driveway I would pull into and out of. The mailbox provides an interesting divide.

Trusty boots have seen better days and are perfectly worn in. Comfort.

Standing strong on a slanted hill.

Brightly colored rail car.

The transportation to Northern Maine.

Big brother, Little brother.

Architecture on a cloudy day.

Bricks and wood.

Shingles and windows.

Big Red.


Chris and Rachel said...

Just saw your blog for the first time the other day and love the pics of Maine. My wife and I road-tripped up from Atlanta for a vacation several years ago and thought it was absolutely beautiful.

Hope to make it back some day.

Great pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

Rhon Bell said...

Chris and Rachel, what parts of Maine did you visit? Some folks think that coastal Maine is the furthest north it gets, but many more hours of scenery are to be had. Thanks and Share my website.

Foster Huntington said...

i swear i have seen some of this barns before in maine. great shots. killer campers.


Rhon Bell said...

Foster, How far north have you been? These were about as far as it gets. 6hrs north of Portland. Thanks man.

Chris and Rachel said...

Did the Castine, Bangor thing. Didn't make it up north. Hopefully one day.

Rhon Bell said...

Castine is a great little spot. We moore our sailboat out there. I could name all sorts of places you should visit. Take care.


Chris and Rachel said...

That sounds great. We were there before the tourist season so the town was practically deserted. It was great.