December 20, 2011

Dusting of Snow

As winter befalls us, my intention is to photograph the impact on Lobsterman's lifestyles. The torturous windchill and frigid waters surely make for a less enjoyable outing. As the sun of summer fades and the winter snow drops, the beauty of the coastal life will surely still shine. Here are a few pics from the latest dusting of December snow on New England.

Soft snow covers the red buoy.

Fort Popham lies behind this lobster yard.

Descend this ladder into the cold ocean. Seems like an uncomfortable dip.

Rope stretches over this ladder and lies in the snow.

Inside the court of Fort Popham.

The wooden deck planks are covered in the first winter snow. Cold metal traps.

Times Tide.

Multi-color trap pile.

Escape the pinch of the claws.

5 degrees today including the windchill.

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