December 21, 2011

C.C. Filson

The Filson brand is one of the oldest American examples of solid style combined with functionality. Their classic virgin wool items, particularly the Mackinaw line, are a staple of serious outdoors-men. Providing great warmth, even when wet, their 100% virgin wool (spun for the first time) absorbs up to 30% of it's weight in moisture without feeling damp.

Filson embodies the American outdoor lifestyle and successfully equips professionals and hobbyists, whether the passion be weekend hiking in Acadia Park or piloting a Cessna 180, with it's high wings and conventional landing gear, into the back country of Alaska.

My best friend, a Maine Guide, turned me on to Filson two years ago. Decked in tin cloth and thick wool on our outings he consistently bragged about the warmth and weather resistance of his gear. All natural wool materials are still considered superior to synthetics among those spending significant time in the wilderness. Good luck staying warm after you rip a hole in your down jacket after snagging on a tree branch. As your goose down cascades to the ground so will your body temperature. Afterall, "Might As Well Have The Best."

If you're looking to add a new staple to the wardrobe, choose the Alaskan Guide Shirt in cream & black - it'll match the buffalo plaid Mackinaw Vest you'll pick up later.

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