November 16, 2011


December 22 may mark the first calendar day of winter, but chilly air has already moved in bringing morning frosts and select snow showers. A majority of boaters have grounded their pride and joys to ride out the long and bitterly cold winter. Imaginably, the owners are already beach-side, feet resting on the rails of the warm deck of a Floridian summerhouse- not a bad gig.

Blocks and blue jacks support the hull. The yard is full of similar power boats, all high and dry.

I'd love to head out on this fishing rig. Any man who faces his boat with this graphic must land great catches.

Career fisherman are still hitting the ocean just before every low tide. There really isn't much of a break for these guys. Dedication and hard work is a way of life.

Truly winterizing a vessel is a time consuming process and keeps out winter precipitation that would otherwise destroy everything from seats to woodwork.

Venturing down the Coast later in the afternoon, the brilliant whites of the small coastal lighthouse reflected on the water's surface.

The rays of a near-afternoon sun cast thin shadows on the underlying cement of each fishing vessel.

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