November 9, 2011

Toss Up the Tent

Appreciative of any opportunity to toss up the tent, I recently found an open weekend and took advantage. There appears to be a nagging negative correlation in my life between getting older and time spent camping. It's unfortunate and hopefully not a trend, especially now that I've returned to Maine.

It was May and the air had a spring-time chill. Leaves from last fall cake the ground. Plans of Appalachian Trail hiking had been dancing in my mind for days. I connect the poles to my North Face Tadpole 23 and crawl inside. A sleeping pad and L.L. Bean down bag always provide perfect cushion to flop down and relax before an afternoon hike. These times are most relaxing. Silence can be loud and broken only by the whistle of birds and the wind.

Slinking out of my shelter, I grab the trail map and decide upon a 4 mile section of white-blazed AT. 

A hatchet and tent that fits in a dry bag. Essentials.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Tent site with a view.

View to a tent site.

Fires aren't just for evenings.

Hiking is a spectator sport. I had an on-looker.

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