November 19, 2011

Occupy Neckties

Originally, I entered college as a Political Science major. Politics are in my blood. I ended up switching to business in order to earn a finance degree. I understand both sides of the Occupy argument. I personally feel the frustrations and disgust when politicians wake up to find themselves in bed with corporate America, but I also know that Wall Street isn't where 99% of the fingers should be pointed. I wear plaid in my spare time, but dress for success during the week. Here are some of my own favorites that occupied this week.

Bulls versus the Bears.

Depicting the historic market crash of 1929.

Print from the morning paper on October 29th, 1929.

Wall St., The Game // Yacht Club

Made in CT, USA.


Joe Gagnon said...

Ron, nice write up and nice ties! Ever pull a half day and wear the plaid with a tie on those days? That would present some confusion.

Rhon Bell said...

Joe, Thanks for the compliment. I've found a majority of my neckties on Ebay. You can score some great finds if you scour hard enough. Plaid and a tie... I like it.