November 14, 2011

Snowy Mountain

Nothing screams "New England" like tall white steeples staggering high above the tree lines. Sometimes, from even miles away, steeples point to the sky and are the first signs of rural towns and small communities.

Growing up in Small Town, USA - we were required to make our own fun; this is a trend that stuck. I'm not a proponent of needing to spend money to enjoy an afternoon when a simple-to-plan adventure will take the place just fine.

"8% Decline Next 2 Miles" marked the old byway that led us down the decline throughout the mountainous region of New Hampshire.

No tree, in my opinion, has the character of a white birch. Its bold white face stands out among the forest.

It's sad, but it tells a story. Many barns and farmhouses I spot are eerily close to present day roads. This isn't the way the man who broke this plot of ground intended.

Home of The World's Worst Weather. I capitalize because this is actually trademarked. Mt. Washington began receiving snow weeks ago. Spot the weather observatory and other buildings atop its great peak.

50 degrees with a bitterly cold Southern wind was made reasonably warm with my wool Maine Guide Shirt. Taking in views of the vertical drops.

Great granite mountains.

A small cabin blends with the surroundings.

Cloud cover moves in over the region and darkness begins to fall as we return from our hike.

Stainless steel, fresh loom and farm with a mountain view.

This home stood out on our return. I love how parallel it is - down to the white curtains and welcoming candles. Truly a New England home.

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Mt. Washington Weather Observatory

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