November 6, 2011

Harbor Sunrise

I drove down to a local harbor yesterday, well before sunrise, to test my new camera at first light. The streets were empty. The owners of these condominiums need only walk a few short steps to their docked boats.

A golden glow streams from the walking path onto the smooth ocean surface.

A beautiful orange sky is lit by the golden rays rising above the horizon.

The green and pale yellow storefront lighting illuminates the alleyway. I love the signs and rich red color.

The hum of a lobster boat turns the corner and heads out of the harbor, hopefully retrieving full traps.

One of my favorite watering holes, much less crowded than I've witnessed before. The early morning hours definitely provide a peace and quiet to take in the scenery.

The yellow steps substitute for a red carpet, leading to fresh market fare.

I've woke few times early enough to take in a sunrise. Hitting the hay early on a Friday night surely pays off Saturday morning.

I would have grand plans for this private dock if I were the owner. Imaginably, a charcoal grill would find company with two Adirondack chairs. From ocean ripples to entrancing skyline, I'd soak the sights up daily. 

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JRS said...

Some of your finest yet. Keep up the good work.

Rhon Bell said...

Means a lot to hear that. Always trying to improve...