November 10, 2011

Coast to Downtown

Being self-diagnosed with borderline ADD, I constantly attempt to pack my weekends with new sights and activities. Although most define adventure to be far from home, staying local isn’t something to turn your nose up at. Something new lies around every corner. With my new camera I’m constantly looking for photos I wouldn’t be able to capture with my old pocket model.

We set out for a marsh hike along the coast of Maine. The morning sun shined upon the still bodies of water among the tall sea grass. The scent of the marsh infiltrates your nose with the scent of mud and sea salt. Today feels particularly warm considering that last week gave us two inches of snow.

The coast is close to down town. Where it blends cannot be determined.

Mode of transportation.

Private fishing docks.

Harbor fish market on the ocean.

Bait shack at sunrise.

Sunrise over the marsh.

An empty beer bottle left by an individual the night before. Perhaps the bicycle in the background was their mode of transportation.

I tested out my new zoom lens to grab a shot of the moon at night. I was highly impressed by the detail. I would love to kick back in one of the craters.

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Courtney said...

Wow, the moon looks amazing! I think most of us self-diagnosed borderline add types are also nature types. Gorgeous photos, as always.

Rhon Bell said...

Thanks, Courtney. Appreciate the compliment. Nature is surely a large part of my life. Love getting out there! Take Care....