November 26, 2011

Buses, Beers, Barns

A recent excursion brought me to the Northern tip of Maine, and in all reality, the Northernmost part of our Country. My aim was to find back roads I'd never traveled for the pure sake of discovering their endpoints. Here are a few discoveries I made along the way - real pieces of American treasure.   

Yes, this is the "Magic School Bus" and it could be yours for a small monetary value. "Magic" reads the Maine license plate. This beauty represents her Country well - notice the American flag sticker front and center.

She has a majority of her windows, her tires hold air well, and have sufficient tread remaining. What more could one ask for? This bus currently is used as a hunting camp in the back country.
A few miles down the road, hours from most stores, I found this gift shop. I gifted myself a can of mixed peanuts and a Coke - exploration food.

If you find yourself standing in a gas station parking lot, alone, staring at a neon Budweiser hunting sign - you are in a good place; enjoy your surroundings.

Finely decorated storage for American belongings.

As a child we would cut personally cut down trees for firewood. Very few times did we have timber delivered for us to section and split. Physical labor makes a young man grow to respect hard work.

Tools of the trade.

Two two-man saws replace curtains. A wooden moose marks the center.

A small retreat.

An Aroostook County dream home. Made of logs and burning firewood harvested from the surrounding fields.

Front porch lawn mower races.

Left side.

His and hers parking corridors. I'm assuming hers is the right.


Courtney said...

This is an awesome post, Rhon! Great finds and photos.

Rhon Bell said...

It's nice to cruise around the country side and discover places you've never been. That's called adventure, right?