November 28, 2011

Backwoods Plaid Guide to Christmas

  1. Jack Traps - Quality hand-crafted ice fishing traps made in Monmouth, ME. Serious traps for folks who take our ice fishing seriously. State law allows 5 traps per man. Get 5.
  2. Woodwick Candles - Listen to the crackle of a wooden wick as the warm scents of Pumpkin pie linger about the room. 
  3. Double L Classic Fit Chinos - Go for navy. I own all the colors in multiple sizes - always having the perfect size for the perfect fit, such as the day after Thanksgiving.
  4. Canon T3 - A recent purchase that I highly recommend. Also, a Best Buy by Consumers Digest. 12MP and enough settings to make your head spin (or maybe just mine). Spring for the 200mm zoom lens, too.
  5. 4Sevens Quark 123 - I carry this flashlight. It has a max output of 220 lumens which is bright enough to blind an attacker or a crazed moose. On "candle-light" mode the batteries will last for 30 days.
  6. Outside Magazine - Even if you can't venture across our great country - flip through these pages filled with vibrant photos and detailed escapes.
  7. Sam Adams Winter Mix - It's already snowing here in Maine. Take the chill off the New England way.
  8. L.L. Bean Signature's Maine Guide Shirt - The perfect restyling of vintage Backwoods plaid.
  9. Snow & Neally Axe Company - A Maine-made tradition since 1864. One of the oldest companies in Maine - that's confidence in your purchase. Grab the 28" "Our Best" axe. Swing away.
  10. Muck Arctic Boots - Keep your feet warm during winter walks or setting up those Jack Traps. These are on my list.

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