October 25, 2011

Plump Pumpkin from the Farm

I’ve always found the instruction to “just sit still” difficult. The concept of silence and immobility are impossible. A childhood recollection returned this weekend as I trekked six hours north to visit family. After lunch and basic conversation,  I scuffed into the family room. A heavy sigh unwittingly escaped as I plunked down onto the couch. With the reaction time of a spooked white tail in the woods, my mom said, “You aren’t bored already are you?”

My family can safely be characterized as “homebodies”. Although I too enjoy the comforts and safety of home, wherever that may be, I’m an adventurer. Without a second thought I tend to jump in the car and just drive. As of late, this involves cranking the thermostat into red territory. Today, my mother will enjoy the heated cab with me.

We set off with no particular destination in mind. Thirty minutes down the road I asked her, “Have you ever baked pumpkin seeds?” It was inconceivable that she had never tried my fall favorite.  My eyes became fixated on a pumpkin farm in the distance. Here are some photos:

The Chevy farm truck has seen many miles.

Twenty pound orange monster

Ms. Backwoods Plaid searches for recipes as Mother BWP carves out a masterpiece

                Garlic and Spices                                                                Worcester Sauce and Spice

Unattended attractions

Maine made maple syrup on the farm

Red on wood

Wood for all buildings are made on campus

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