October 12, 2011

Middle of Nowhere

It’s Saturday morning and I’m setting out for the most secluded area in Maine. The leaves are turning yellow and have taken on a shimmering orange characteristic. Two hours in, telephone poles and street signs become a memory. Homes are miles apart and generally built from carefully notched logs. Each yard prominently contains a rectangular patch of upturned soil from large summer gardens of farm fresh vegetables. There is quietness to the air. Temperatures are cool and crisp. I’m out for foliage photographs in the Rangeley region, God’s Country.

Mountain ranges East of Rangeley Lake

Rangeley Lake

The blue mountain range sits high, watching over the fall color change.

The cloud cover streaks the sky above Rangeley Lake.

Mooselookmeguntic Lake prepares for another sunset.

The lakes in this area are all connected by streams and rivers.

As the sun finds a resting place behind the mountains, fog finds its way into the foreground.

The sun clears from behind the heavy clouds one final time before setting.
The scenery stretches for unknown miles. I don't see a telephone line or street lights. Hell - I can't even find a house from where I stand; God's Country.

Time to head home. We'll return to Rangeley again on another day.

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