October 18, 2011

Hay Barns & Tombstones

The yellow hulled sailboat is tossed by strong autumn winds.

Its colors slowly blend into a backdrop of color variation.

The dock appears warped by the power of the rising waves heading towards the shoreline.

Miles down the road you can capture the last of summer's green grass and trees changing colors.

Small cemetery plots dot the New England countryside. They tell a tale of the first settlers. This particular plot tells a sad story. The 1800's were a time of tribulation and strife. Although representative of our history and genealogy – a majority of these family burial ground are all but forgotten. 

Online research shows that Africa Smith migrated here and became a blacksmith to provide a life for his family. Six of his children passed on during the early 1850's due to diphtheria. He followed soon after at age 48. More unmarked graves are found nearby.

This old hay barn blends with the overgrown landscape.

Farm equipment sits in the shadows. Sunlight begins to highlight the changing colors of the mountains.

This barn could tell stories you may not believe.

Surrounded by farm land, as far as the eye can see, this barn has weathered many a storm.

Surprisingly, the hay seems dry and is surely enjoyed by the lively cattle opposite the road.


Anonymous said...

You're making a life-long Southern California boy very jealous with all those pics of beautiful fall foliage.

Rhon Bell said...

The foliage has now passed, but it's definitely a beauty while she lasts. Thanks for swinging in. Appreciate it for sure.