October 27, 2011

First Maine Snow

While watching Donald Trump's CNN interview on political candidates tonight my TV signal weakened and eventually disappeared. As an “Acquiring Signal” box populated the screen, my first thoughts weren't targeted towards missing Trump’s subjective conclusions, but if the potential snow shower had begun. I raced outside and found the first covering of “white stuff” for 2011. Bring on winter, flannel shirts, wool jackets and break out the snowshoes – winter is coming!

An L.L. Bean Signature jacket warms my upper half while the temperatures fall.

Casco is excited by the snowfall.  I catch him in between leaps in the air eating the flakes.


JRS said...

I'm in Georgia, so have no point of reference, but does it seem early for snow up your way?

Rhon Bell said...

Absolutely. Typically it snows a few times in November and melts the next day. Real accumulation starts at the end of December. The winters used to start like this back in my grandfather's time.