October 1, 2011

Down by the River

We all need moments of reflection. Reflection on the past, for me, is used as a step forward. A quiet space to collect your thoughts, organize ideas, and plan for the future is key. The woods always claim a special title for these moments. It doesn’t need to be a backpack-filled adventure to find a quiet spot of relaxation, but simply a drive down the road. I’ve always found that water has a certain tranquility that tends to free the mind and revive the soul with a spirit of refreshment. 

The sun sets upon another fine afternoon. The water is still and flows peacefully. The reflections, in the dusk, are as clear as the landscape.

The air is cool. Although I'm not excited for summer's heat to become a blistering snowstorm, I'm prepared to dig out my long sleeve shirts, boots, and vests.

The summer rope swing is motionless as of late. I believe it has a positive correlation to water temperature.

Fall leaves land gently on the river and slowly make way to their final destination.

The green blades of summer grass resist giving in to fall frosts and falling Fahrenheit. 

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Dinah said...

Those are some nice boots that are perfect for camping and nature trips.
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Rhon Bell said...

Some damn good boots.looking back on this post already makes me miss summer. Thanks for leaving a msg, Dinah.


andieclark said...

Your boots look good and durable! Just like my clarks shoes, it's as if they can stand any season for long years.