October 24, 2011

Casting is a Release

For me, fly fishing is a release; a release from the everyday. It’s an opportunity to forget about bills, relationships, and career paths.  I load fly boxes, reels and a trusty travel rod into my pack, cinch the drawstring top and head down the front steps, where I leave everything stress-related.

Although an amateur, I’ve found that fishing is an educator. The process teaches patience. More often than not I’m reminded successes won’t come easily.  It's a tough lesson to take, peeling off your waders and tying on street shoes, with hands unscented of fish.

With each false cast and release, I target ripples in the river. A fast current is quick to return my Streamers and Gray Wulff dry flies back to me. I’m unsure if the trout have ample opportunity to take my fly under these conditions, but I receive two strikes.

Fishing is more difficult to document on my blog than I anticipated. Most times I travel alone and enjoy what the river and lakes have to offer.  When the chance presents itself, I will surely share the photographs.


deanwo said...

Well written and expressed, Rhon. Spending a day or several hours exploring the waters with a fly rod is a personal zen that I too have only recently discovered. Your words resonate with me. Thanks for sharing.

Rhon Bell said...

Dean - I think a lot of people are hesitant to enter the sport. We are both lucky to enjoy something we love. Thanks for reading.