October 6, 2011

The Basin

From the ranger’s cabin, a short hike led to “The Basin”. A gorgeous panoramic view of mountainous landscape makes you wish you could simply quit your job, move a few bags to New Hampshire and build a log cabin to live out the rest of your days. The view stretches for miles upon miles. Streams run their course over the land. Lakes reflect the blues and greens of the background. The peace and quiet is astounding.

Returning to my home state in June, I unknowingly agreed to six months without vacation. Transitioning from 4 weeks of time-off has been a challenge. Without week long camping trips and weekend fishing outings, the homecoming has been difficult. If only I could head for the hills and enjoy Mother Nature the way God intended; I’d fish the waters, hunt the forests and farm the land.

The mountains stand tall against the bright blue skies.

Red plaid fits comfortably on an afternoon hike up a rocky trail.

The flora of New England is unseen anywhere else across the country.

Survival supplies are stored for needing winter skiers.

Casco waits patiently as Ms. Backwoods Plaid heads North.

It appears as if one could scramble quickly up the mountain. The gigantic mountainside is deceiving.

Direction of travel is one-sided.

A beautiful break-through exposes itself above the treeline.

Surveying the distance traveled thus far. Impressive.

I'm curious to how many Labrador Retrievers have scaled the heights of the highest point in N.E.

Clouds streak the afternoon sky.

The ranger cabin lies in the holler of the mountain range.

Adventure remains as we proceed forward.

The perfection that is "The Basin".

Touch the sky. Reach forward. Do what you can.

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