October 16, 2011

Angel Falls

“How many stories tall is the waterfall?”, she asked, as we cleared the tree line, exposing a full view to the top. This was my first time on Mt. Washington, too. I muttered back “Ten.”, snagging sips from my Camelback between breaths.

The hike isn’t terribly strenuous, but a continuous incline coupled with my dislike of cardiovascular exercise puts me at a disadvantage. I constantly remind myself to enjoy the journey, and I do. The views – that is why I’m here. 

The pace slows slightly and a line forms as we maneuver between the large boulders; a drop off is on both sides.

A fellow hiker offers to take our photo after witnessing me struggle with an outstretched arm to capture ourselves and the waterfall.

The falls are impressive in the fact that they aren't one single drop. I should have guessed more than ten stories.

Crystal clear waterfalls choose separate paths as they find their way down the mountain side.

Opening my pack, I unzip the pouch containing my water purifier. Solidly the best $70 I've spent at L.L. Bean. Fresh water doesn't come from a plastic bottle. No bottle deposit necessary.

Casco looks on as I retrieve a band aid and ibuprofen for a cut. Luckily, this trip doesn't require other survival supplies in my pack.

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