September 28, 2011

Ranger Station

As we continue up the mountain, we approach the ranger station. Above stands a cairn in the basin of Mt. Washington.

The ranger cabin stands firm against the accompanying landscape. It belongs.

The cabin is one that most men would dream about escaping to. Rivers to fish, fields to hunt, and trails to explore. What more could you ask for?

First Aid Cache 1 of 2 on the mountain.

We refilled our water bottles near the cabin, on the way to the summit.

Picturesque mountain views.

What I call a perfect window view.

We enjoy lunch on the deck. The packs follow our lead - they rest.

Hardcore skiers make their way down the trail over the deep powder in cooler months.

The U.S. Forest service has good residence.

Cabin in the basin.

Sufficient emergency supplies.

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