September 8, 2011

Nature's Residence

I anticipate and take pleasure in time spent outdoors, namely in the woods. It’s our root element. Waking early to “work” translates to collecting firewood, percolating coffee, and frying eggs in a cast iron pan. Afternoons are for adventure. Endless places to explore and infinite paths to walk down, perhaps places no man has trod. It’s in these places that the final view isn’t the destination; the whole journey is worth the trip. Evenings are enjoyable with company, good book, or tending to one’s fire. Hip flasks are emptied to their final drop. Tobacco pipes smoked to the final puff. The tight grip of your calloused hands on a swinging axe, nails filled with dirt, is a true testament to how hard you’ve worked. These are the days you draw comfort in climbing through the tent door and laying your head on the camp pillow. Positioning yourself inside the sleeping bag, you stare through the mesh roof, at the constellations which light the evening sky. Today has been a good day in nature’s residence.

I can’t always get to the places I’d choose most to be, but one thing is for sure – I will always bring the best photos I can from the places I am. 

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Al said...

Sometimes there's something even better than luxury home builders plans: nothing! Nature is beautiful, and everyone needs open space once in a while.

Rhon Bell said...

Hey, Al. I agree. Fresh air, good thoughts and a little exercise can go a long way. Thanks for the comment.