September 15, 2011


Here is another set of photos from a late spring canoeing trip in the mountains of central Maine. This adventure was a full day's event. Driving 2 hours on an old dirt road always means you are in store for great sights and sounds. We loaded the canoe and set off for the woods. Casco was ready to go. We were faced with white water and plenty of rocks to maneuver about before we reached our trail head. The air was cool, but hiking over the rugged terrain kept us warm.

I am headed hiking to Mt. Washington this weekend. Next weekend I am traveling up to the Rangeley Lake region of Maine. I have slightly drifted away from the premise of the blog - hiking, camping, and fishing due to taking this new position in Maine that came with no vacation for 6 months. I hope to have many more Backwoods photos to come. Until then, I will bring you the best photos I can from the best places I can find.

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