September 21, 2011

Apple Orchard #2 of 2

Fall morning air isn’t the only thing that’s crisp; apple pies are in the oven. The cool temperatures came upon us, seemingly overnight. As all Mainers can attest – our state never gets “hot”, but our warm summer days halted abruptly. The early evening chills quickly helped fade summer into early fall. And as if all at once, the next morning we awoke to needing a second layer for walking the dog and picking up the newspaper.
Our early morning walks, although cool, are greeted with beautiful landscapes; fog filtering over the local lake and lying low in the fields, the sun rising above the pine tree-lined roads, and frost gently layered over the blades of grass. I’ve gladly traded in my seasonal footwear. My summer sandals are in the back of my closet, next to the air conditioner. In our entryway, atop the water hog doormat, is a pair of rugged 10” brown Maine Guide Shoes. The leather marked with the character to show where they’ve trod. They could tell a real story – but that is why Backwoods Plaid exists – it’s the medium for which the stories are shared.

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