August 15, 2011

Rockland Sailing

Rockland is the home of Pulitzer Prize award winners, Academy Award nominated filmmakers and a Civil War general. The historic coastal town, centered in Penobscot Bay, is popular with tourists, but even Mainers find interest in the town. We sailed in for the weekend to attend a summer lobster festival. During an hour of motoring and no wind, I brushed up on some light reading.

Clouds populated the sky as we played "dodge the lobster buoys" with the sail boat. A buoy to the prop would be a bad afternoon.

I have to admit that even as a Mainer, I've seen few moose flies. Before now, photographed none. Fairly rare, but notorious in the deep woods - they drive the moose crazy. Look not only at it's gigantic eyes, but focus on it's pinchers, or as Ms. Backwoods Plaid refers to it, "the beak". They deliver a bite similar to a bee sting.

It's a beautiful afternoon as we close on the harbor, the sails full of wind and the American flag flying high.

The Rockland Breakwater is built of local granite and stretches 1 mile. It reaches from land to the Rockland Breakwater Light. It's a beautiful sight and one of the most unique lighthouses in New England.

We haul the lines in, which adjust the boom and main sail, as we enter the marina to dock.

Preparing the lines to throw to the harbor master.

Walking from the docks to town for dinner, we pass a boatyard. Couldn't pass up a photo of the "Boat Yard Dog".

Nothing screams "New England" like stepping off a sailboat to enter Wharf St.

Rockland has a strong artistic presence. We took an early morning stroll to take it all in. The shops were not yet open. I enjoy crowd free streets and this is the perfect time for a walk. The sun is on the rise and the coffee in our hands is piping hot and ground fresh. This shop would be one to visit later.

Quiet tree lined streets and beautiful corner shops will surely draw us back again soon.

Let's now prepare for a feast of lobster and celebrate the fisherman who make this community possible.


Sailing Florida said...

I think the picture with the moose fly would render me paranoid with switches from here on. I'd never blindly reach for switches again!

used boat sales said...

You are so lucky to sail on a beautiful weather like this one. Also, its a beautiful boat.

olddog said...

Give a wave to the Coasties on the Thunder Bay. They keep the water ways safe. Rockland is a beautiful town book a night at the Limerock Inn and experience the town for yourself