August 5, 2011

LLB Signature Favorite Looks Men/Women Fall 2011 - Hi Res

Throwing to the wind every consideration that I come off too strong with an L.L. Bean flavor, I’m creating another post on the new Signature line. Call me a Mainer, call me an outdoorsman, even a fanatic, but L.L. Bean has always appealed to me and it’s essentially all I wear – to work and at play. I love the pure essence of what being a “Beaner” means. Maybe, to understand that, means you have to be a “Mainer”. I guarantee most Mainers I associate with have never read a copy of the Preppy Handbook.  That’s nothing personal, it’s an illustration of the draw the company presents. My friends and family appreciate the guarantee. They support the local economy. They enjoy the experience of the stores – the fish pond, the campus, the friendly employees. They understand the quality of items sold. They love L.L. Bean.


Courtney said...

I love your unabashed love for Bean. Quality, customer satisfaction, and dependability combined with a hint of ruggedness. What's not to love about it?

Rhon Bell said...

Courtney, What's not to love? Absolutely nothing, right? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Look #8, all day.