August 27, 2011

Hunkering Down for Hurricane Irene

I’m a planner. Organization is good. I’m precautious, but not concerned. I’ll never be found without enough to survive something. For Irene, I stocked up on Friday with water, canned meat, and cheez-it’s. Oh… and Coors Light – the survival carbs.

Saturday morning, as fog thickened and bitter gray clouds filled the sky, there was only one place to head – the watering hole. We actually set out to simply walk around the Old Port and visit a few shops. I flipped through some chambray shirts (which I’m still looking for the perfect one), plaids, and rigid denim jeans at Portland Dry Goods. As I snapped a few shots on the docks at noon, we ran into The Porthole Fountain for a couple long islands, which led to Summer Ale’s and subsequently the flipping a coin to see who drove home. I’m kidding about the later. Always practice responsibility, especially with impending hurricanes. Enjoy a few photos.

Editor's note: Guy Fieri from Food Network filmed an episode here and on the 4th photo down, you will find his signature on the wall (on the right, above the plaque). What else signifies a hidden gem of a restaurant?

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