August 11, 2011

Artistic Interpretations

I've specifically chosen a few more featured art pieces that spoke to me from Gray's Sporting Journal. I've accompanied each with my view and the circumstance I see presented.

We begin with a patient fly fisherman, hunched over, waiting for a flash of a game fish in active waters. The solitude of such a stunning scenic location causes jealousy in the heart of every fisherman.

Paddling and tossing a line - does anything resemble backwoods New England any stronger? I've both started and strengthened many relationships while sharing a canoe with family members and friends. Whether the paddle is a few quick hours or a few days journey - the result remains the same.

Lying below is a trophy that any man or woman would be proud to mount over the fireplace. A more preferable option would be to tote the prize, back down an overgrown path, to camp and fillet the fish over open flame in a cast iron pan.

This man is a hardened outdoor hero. His circumstance is unknown, but equally, meaningless. He's in his element. He's made comfort at waterside, while his daily catch is heated to fill his, deservedly, empty stomach. He has come a long distance and rewards himself with a sunset rest, to reflect, and enjoy a sip from his hip flask.

This is a more colorful and expressive feature. It combines classic imagery with the strokes of a more modern brush. An addition most folks would find pleasantly centered above the corner book shelf.

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