August 31, 2011

The Adventure

As Irene ended up as nothing more than a "Rainy Sunday with Heavy Wind" to some Mainers, we headed out to explore, as other cooped up indoors. These are my favorite times to discover new areas. Crowds are at home. Tourists are elsewhere. Traffic is minimal to non-existent.

I remember years ago when I first moved to Boston, I’d wanted to see the sights in the North End and Southie. Each time I would venture out, traffic, red lights, pedestrians, and a lack of parking got the best of me and I’d turn around. Then came a heavy Nor’Easter, blanketing the area in over 18 inches of snow. I cranked up my 4 wheel drive at 11pm and drove all over the North End, past government center, and down into Southie. I remember heading home and laughing about only seeing a handful of cars, most of which were stuck.

It’s all about the adventure. Get outside.
The waves followed one another onto shore faster than I've ever seen. What's the rush?

The old pier and it's bars were empty at noon.

Down the road, the harbor was doing double duty providing shelter. 

The 60mph gusts turned the ferris wheel without the assistance of electricity.

There were over 100 seagulls. Each of them locked in the same direction. Quite a sight.

Staying dry a midst my surroundings.

You'd think of all places that would be open during a Hurricane - the Hurricane Raw Bar would be.

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