August 31, 2011

The Adventure

As Irene ended up as nothing more than a "Rainy Sunday with Heavy Wind" to some Mainers, we headed out to explore, as other cooped up indoors. These are my favorite times to discover new areas. Crowds are at home. Tourists are elsewhere. Traffic is minimal to non-existent.

I remember years ago when I first moved to Boston, I’d wanted to see the sights in the North End and Southie. Each time I would venture out, traffic, red lights, pedestrians, and a lack of parking got the best of me and I’d turn around. Then came a heavy Nor’Easter, blanketing the area in over 18 inches of snow. I cranked up my 4 wheel drive at 11pm and drove all over the North End, past government center, and down into Southie. I remember heading home and laughing about only seeing a handful of cars, most of which were stuck.

It’s all about the adventure. Get outside.
The waves followed one another onto shore faster than I've ever seen. What's the rush?

The old pier and it's bars were empty at noon.

Down the road, the harbor was doing double duty providing shelter. 

The 60mph gusts turned the ferris wheel without the assistance of electricity.

There were over 100 seagulls. Each of them locked in the same direction. Quite a sight.

Staying dry a midst my surroundings.

You'd think of all places that would be open during a Hurricane - the Hurricane Raw Bar would be.

August 30, 2011


Photos inspire me. The rich colors, textures, actions, and scenes can instantly sum up a lifestyle. Rare is such a find. It can be difficult to bring out so many feelings in one photo. Feelings which draw you in at first glance, so that you identity with it. Seems simple to produce such an image, right? Just snap a shot of something you love. Should it be so easy - marketing executives and photographers wouldn't be compensated so well for what they love. I call it inspiration.

This will serve as the starting point for an on-going series. Some folks use tumblr. I'm choosing to keep it simple and let this serve as the medium for both my personal photographs and inspiration pieces. Please note I didn't photograph the below and what's to come. If you have issue with what's posted, inform me.

August 27, 2011

Hunkering Down for Hurricane Irene

I’m a planner. Organization is good. I’m precautious, but not concerned. I’ll never be found without enough to survive something. For Irene, I stocked up on Friday with water, canned meat, and cheez-it’s. Oh… and Coors Light – the survival carbs.

Saturday morning, as fog thickened and bitter gray clouds filled the sky, there was only one place to head – the watering hole. We actually set out to simply walk around the Old Port and visit a few shops. I flipped through some chambray shirts (which I’m still looking for the perfect one), plaids, and rigid denim jeans at Portland Dry Goods. As I snapped a few shots on the docks at noon, we ran into The Porthole Fountain for a couple long islands, which led to Summer Ale’s and subsequently the flipping a coin to see who drove home. I’m kidding about the later. Always practice responsibility, especially with impending hurricanes. Enjoy a few photos.

Editor's note: Guy Fieri from Food Network filmed an episode here and on the 4th photo down, you will find his signature on the wall (on the right, above the plaque). What else signifies a hidden gem of a restaurant?

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August 25, 2011

Pine Point

I woke early Saturday morning and grabbed a coffee to watch the sunrise from the local docks. I chatted with a few lobstermen, cigars hanging from their lips, as they loaded their fishing boats with bait, and motored away from shore to check traps. The early morning wind blew slightly from the South and the headache from last night slowly drowned into a sea of morning caffeine. I found a few areas to snap photographs as the sun rose above the tree line into a bright blue sky. The rays of the sun beat down upon stranded lobster traps on the dock as low tides left drift boats stuck in the sand. Enjoy the below.

August 24, 2011

Hammock Afternoons

First off, hammocks are great. If you don't have one - you should get one. Nothing compares to rocking back and forth, weightlessly, under the shining sun. Throw in a river or waterfall, some peace & quiet, and a good book and you'll have what I like to call a "Hammock Afternoon". I opted for something a tad different than the conventional woven hammock. I purchased an ENO Double Nest. They are made from a breathable and cooling parachute material. The breeze blows through it on a warm day. If this sounds slightly familiar, I have blogged about my hammock before, here.

The setup is quick and easy. Find two trees. Wrap a Slap Strap (photographed below) around each. Connect each end of the hammock to an access points on each Slap Strap. Hop in. A convenient side pocket holds a drink, book, and camera. You don't even have to get up.

Here are some shots I took the other day. Let me know what you think.

August 19, 2011

Ely & Walker Clothiers

Ely & Walker delivered dry goods to customers in a covered wagon in 1878. A lot has changed since then, with the exception of quality western wear. Limited quantities and frequently changing patterns make waiting on a purchase a difficult decision.

Introduced to ELY 1878 in Nashville, it was easy to embrace the western wear, coming from the country myself. The shirts are more fitted than most plaids I’ve worn, without hugging the sides or being tight. It’s a great fit. Not from a heavy cloth, it’s a light-weight summer alternative and a layer in the fall. The pearl snap buttons are a great touch and stand out nicely against the patterned back drop. The drop point front pockets are the second thing you’ll probably notice. I think this style has had an uprising as of late, unless it’s always been popular and I've had my head down.

Overall, it’s a perfect shirt and makes you look good when you wear it. Primarily available at brick & mortars – you’ll find their shirts at around $80. Pick one up and head outdoors.

Men and Women both have fall lines available - check their Fall Collection 2011.

August 18, 2011

Characteristic Backwoods Plaid Day

Morning sunlight creaks over the windowsill.

Garden-fresh tomatoes are readied for BLT's.

Headin' Out.

Sunset campfire as the evening fog filters in.

August 16, 2011

Vintage Pack Basket

Vintage name brand items hold value, especially when USA made. A prime example is this L.L. Bean Pack Basket that has held true to the name and can be found in excellent condition. This is a thing of beauty. I bet if she could speak - it'd be a story you'd sit down to listen to. The things she's seen, the trees she's leaned against and the paths traveled down. One thing is for sure - I would try to fill her with fish... just don't tell the warden.

For a mere $250, this rare pack basket is yours.