July 23, 2011

Portland, ME

For the visitors unaware that I moved back home to Maine, you can stay up-to-date and not miss new posts by following me @ twitter.com/BackwoodsPlaid. I accepted a new position at a large public company near Portland, ME. I'm trying to carve out where I fit in this world and Maine is a special place.

The "Old Port"  offered beautiful sunshine Saturday as we ventured through the historic Port district of Portland (the most populated city in Maine). Nonetheless, you can find a cozy corner store or hometown Pub without fighting the crowds of Boston.

Experiencing all the wonders of Coastal Maine will bring down many a historic wharf. Brightly colored signs will draw you into local catch counters with lobster @ $5.99/lb.

The camp mocs.

You name the catch - they name the price.

Pulling up a stool at the Portland Lobster Company, we chose seats on the deck for my birthday dinner of lobster and sauteed scallops. The final whale watching trip docked as we finished our first drink. The sun had shone brightly all afternoon and set over the skyline while I was cracking open my first claw.

The historic brick walkways line the streets. Cobblestone still remains in sections of the streets. Nothing screams historic like a lack of pavement.

The scent of the ocean and aroma of bright red boiling lobsters fill the back deck.

A walk about the dock gives remembrance of the day the Great Wall came down.


The next afternoon we enjoyed an outdoor game of Giant Jenga.

Definition of bar fun: Giant Connect Four and Jenga.

I'm the happy victor on the photographed on the right side of the photo.

She wins. All smiles after not having to pick up the fallen blocks.

Shot facing the water. Out of one of my favorite watering holes, Gritty's.


MaineFlyCastings said...

Welcome back man! It's funny how us county boys work so hard to stick closely to our roots. Not sure if Portland will ever feel like home for me, but it sure is a great place full of history and culture. Great post and great pictures, the site looks damn good man.

fore front said...

welcome to portland. so psyched your blog will be based here now!

amanda jennifer said...

Do you mean Portland Lobster Company?

Rhon Bell said...

Yes, Thanks Amanda. I was looking at a photo of the Pound and wrote the name down. Thanks for checking in.

Fore front - I'm glad man. Thank you!