July 29, 2011

L.L. Bean Signature Preview 2011 Men's Fall/Winter

Editor's note: Thank you to Laurie Brooks for allowing me the opportunity to post these photos and create some accompanying monologue before the Signature line launches this fall.

Fall line is available August 01, 2011. Winter line is mid-October

Signified with L.L.'s Signature logo, this Vintage Metal Field Watch will be a heritage keepsake. $225

Cap Toe Shoe. $155

Classic and Polished. The Signature Oxford Shoe. Guaranteed, no questions asked, to be more solid than its resting chair. $155

From Left to Right in (Clockwise):
The Shearling Lined Ranger Moc, a barefoot heaven. The lasting comfort of L.L. Bean shearling is endless. Priced at $179

Hawthorne Dress Boot. $179

If I could snag a high quality print of this photo - I'd frame it and hang it in my living room. Inspiration deriving from Leon's first product surely delivers with this 12" Maine Hunting Shoe. $185.

Pull on Moc Boot. $195.00

It's been said that wearing all blue never looks bad. Check!

Forcing path through a Nor'Easter is made warm once again. 

Rolled up Dark Denim strikes perfection with a Blazer
Canvas Shirt $69.00
Wool Blazer $275.00
Pocket Denim $69.00
Cap Toe Shoe $155.00
Leather Trout Field Belt $59.00

Headin' out to crank the heater in the CJ before sun up? Try this on.

Blistering cold winter blowing behind your double-paned window frame? Found what you need.

This outfit is absolute "Maine" and I would wear this everyday. In fact, this sums up my 3-season style.
Hooded Chamois Shirt $189.00
Fine Wale Cord Shirt $75.00
Maine Hunting Shoe Leather 12” $185.00
O Ring Belt $59.00
5 Pocket Denim $69.00
Suede Baseball Cap $49.00

I'd undo a button or two, but a solid printed pattern.
Fine Wale Cord Shirt $79.00
Wool Pant $175.00
O Ring Belt $59.00

I'd sport these pants while sporting, only. 

If you stood by a Maple tree in Autumn, would you be seen?

Will the suit be chosen for a wedding party this season, too?

The Blanket Lined Cord Coat even looks soft. When photographed clothing looks this great, you can be rest assured, it'll satisfy.
Hunter’s Plaid Shirt $69.00
Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater $199.00
5 Pocket Relaxed Fit Denim $79.00
Blanket Lined Cord Coat $185.00
Field Boot $199.00
Suede Baseball Cap $49.00

Amazing jacket and I'm loving the updated plaid shirt. 

My college friend, Marc, is working with Alex Carleton on the new label and I feel he had a hand in these new sweaters. He can correct me if I'm wrong. Will this one, too, be featured in the WSJ?

Hey, L.L. Bean - Can I snag this shirt right now? This is a workhorse outfit. A combination of Katahdin Iron Works toughness, L.L. Bean style, with a Signature fit. I want it all.

Everyone will know you're an L.L. Bean man. 


ep3 said...

any idea on the price/name of that red, white, green, grey wool shirt is? (2 pics up)

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